atv2 fc button is still the settings button

Hi all. I’m having trouble with a tethered jailbreak of an atv2 5.3. Jailbreak was a success tethered boot was a success but clicking on the fc button on the atv2 menu still brings up the settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks Dave. 

That is expected behaviour - what are you expecting?

The FireCore logo disappears after you have installed some apps (e.g. aTV Flash)

I thought thats how you accessed the root to install fusion. 

Sorry got my wires crossed. Jailbreak worked but the xbmc tab didn’t come up in the atv2 menu. I did notice that itunes didn’t open either during the jailbreak all the files were transferred through seasonpass.  I have already jailbroken one atv2 and I don’t remember it being this difficult. 


Cheers Dave