atv2 fades to black when going to my NAS movie folder

i have 2 atv’s black. 1 seems to work sorta ok. the other works ok too sort of but when i goto my files and select my share, its very slow and takes a min or 2 or more and while it is pin wheeling, the screen will fade to black.

i can still hit buttons on the remote and it makes a sound. if i hit menu, it goes back, but if i hit play/pause it goes to unwatched and watched and switches up there. it says there are no files that can be viewed, but then after a while, the folders will appear.

its very strange. i reset the device and re-jb it and set it all up again and its still doing it. i think maybe the device is faulty?

i may exchange it for another but thought this was odd.

at least i’m not encountering the network problem error anymore, the atv restarts sometimes when selecting my share or fav’s. it works eventually tho but it is far from stable and perfect.

i just wish it didn’t take so long to pull up my list of movies. i will time it, i think its 2+ minutes.

This speed and which the list/grid view is loaded will depend on your network speed. 2 minutes seems extremely long, but would be possible if you have a less than ideal wifi signal.

Are both AppleTVs connected using the same type of network connection?

yes, both are connected via wifi. 1 is sitting on top of the airport extreme and it is no faster than the one downstairs. i timed it last night, it took 2min 13 sec to pull up the list of movies. both of them take this long but only one of them fades to black.

Would you mind sending in a bug report?

i sent in my diag and submitted my serial number. i also made a video so you could watch what is happening.


at 1:30 you can see the screen fade to black. then i press the play pause button to get the screen to come back and i hit it a few more times to switch between the watched and unwatched movies, all saying there are no files, then all of a sudden at around 2:15 the files appear.