ATV2 Ethernet trouble

Hi everybody,

i’m facing some kind of phenomenon at the moment.

My Apple TV2 won’t be able to connect via ethernet (dhcp nor manual), i not even get a flashing data-link led on my switch/router. If i unplug the ethernet-cable the ATV won’t switch to wifi. My suggestion is a broken ethernet port which thinks that there’s a cable plugged in.

Would it be possible to alter the the seasonpass JB image in a “ethernet allways disabled” or “wifi allways on” state? Then jailbreak the to a wifi-only, but otherwise fully funcional device? Current ios is 5.3


If you unplug the ethernet cable, you have to set up wifi again, by logging in to the router. Have you gone into the general settings -> network and attempted to do this? Another possibility to pursue is an ethernet cable which needs to be replaced. This isnt something I would want Seas0nPass to be managing.

I have same problem too :frowning: any solution?