ATV2 Dropping network after update

Hi all.

I recently upgraded my atv black license and rejailbroke my atv2 to 5.0.2.
All went fine until I started streaming movies from my NAS through the downloadable media app.

Every couple of minutes the movie buffers until it says that communication with the network has been lost.

This is so frustrating considering my older jailbreak worked perfectly doing exactly the same task. Has anyone experienced consistent network drops and is there a solution to the problem.

I have the same problem, except i haven’t messed with the jailbreak in a long time – i only updated the aTV Flash software. Video keeps buffering for about 30 seconds every five minutes or so. It’s so frustrating since everything has been working perfectly up until recently. 

Yes, same problems here, also the metadata collecting for movies is worse now than before I updated to the newest version and current version software for the Media Player. Movie artwork is missing on movies that were recognized in the previous version.

Most importantly, I can’t watch any of my media files without interruption for buffering or a message saying my network may be too slow. Not an issue before and my average speed for connection is around 40mbps.

Help? soon?