aTV2 - Dealing with the TETHER?

Hi there,

I have an aTV2 running the latest firmware and I’m considering using SeasonPass to obtain a tethered jailbreak. My question is around the tethered piece. Is there a setting on the Apple TV so that it will never turn off? (unless it loses power obviously). If YES then I think the jailbreak would be worth it because my aTV is 2 floors up from my computer. If not, and I have to use my PC to tether boot it every other day then I’ll have to wait for UNTETHERED version.



How have others dealt with the tethered piece of the jailbreak? Can you set the apple tv to always stay on and never turn off power?


As long as the device is plugged into a live power outlet, the power IS on.  The power cord IS the on/off switch. 

A small UPS could be used to keep the device from losing power and thus requiring a tethered boot due to a power outage.

Hi Yes,

in apple main screen settings there is an option to sleep now.

that put the box in standby and thats fine you wioll not need to tether boot it from sleep mode just press any button on the remote to wake it up.

both mine in my house are tethered.

but if i was u i would wait as my feeling is within 1 week there will be and untethere for 5.3 as its already been oput for the a4 devices like phones pad and pods for over a week.

good luck

still u could just tether for now and when the untethere comes out untethere it just make sure before u jasilbreak u get ifaith to save the unit shshs blobs