ATV2 crashes after MP 0.9.4. installation

I recently had a lot of troubles accessing my shares and moviefolders. Finally I found a workaround. See:

But after installing todays update to MP 0.9.4. I cannot use MP anymore.


To be more precise: I access my share, enter the folder with lots of moviefolders in it. The moviegrid is shown allright. But when I select a moviefolder I see the files within it for a couple of seconds (about.jpg, folder.jpg and movieXYZ,mkv). Than my ATV reboots.:frowning: This is the case with moviefolders only, not with my photo folders.

So I’m back to were I was some days ago…I cannot use my ATV / Mediaplayer but have to stick to XBMC. Grr…


Who has the same experience, and moreover… what’s causing this and what’s the solution

Finally found out what caused my reboot problem.

It has to do with XML files in the moviefolders. See my post in for a more detailed description.

Thanks for the info. We’ve actually replicated this issue here, so hopefully it should be an easy fix.