ATV2 Bricked? Need Help!

Hello - I have been using Firecore/SeasonPass/aTV Flash for a few years and have had ZERO problems getting my ATV2’s setup and jailbroken.

I recently had to unplug my ATV2 to move some things in my entertainment center around. I have since plugged my ATV2 back in and have a no luck getting my ATV2 to boot back up. I used the same routine I always by booting up tethered. This particular ATV2 did not yet have the untethered update.

SeasonPass nor Itunes can see my ATV2 when plugged in to two different computers. I’ve tried both Boot Tethered and to Create IPSW from SeasonPass and opened iTunes with no luck. I can hear Windows recognize the ATV2 when I plug in the USB becuase Windows makes a chime. I have checked my Devices and Printers area and I can see the ATV2 there. I can get ithe ATV2 to go into DFU mode and Recovery mode as I can see the Devices and Printers area change accordingly.

This morning I went out and bought a new micro USB cable but still no luck. The USB cable I have used for the past 2 years has always worked like a charm.

Is there something I am missing? Is my ATV2 bricked?

Could someone please help me with this problem as it is driving me crazy.

Thank you!

Just to note, SeasonPass does not recognize the ATV2 at all so none of the setup of sequence event starts. It just says “waiting to find device in DFU mode”.

Windows can see the ATV2 in DFU mode in the Devices in Printers area.

have you tried restoring the unit using itunes? Seas0npass 0.9.5 will allow untethered 5.3

I can’t restore becuase iTunes does not see the device. I’ve opened iTunes with the ATV2 connected and nothing shows up in iTunes.

try using a micro usb and power, let it install first. hopefully itunes will open automatically upon driver installation

I’ve tried that as well with no luck. Power and USB together.

Any other suggestions?

Maybe borrow someone’s Android usb cable, they do sell cheap (dollar store) ones that charge a phone but don’t program the ATV. It’s also possible the USB port on the ATV is damaged or dirty. Maybe you forced the usb in upside down one time, I’ve almost done it.