ATV2 boots then i only get a pink screen when instead of menu.

ATV2 running the latest jailbroken OS as of 2 months ago. (5.3 maybe?  the first non-tethered version since hbo go was released).

Was working splendid last night as always.  Turned on the TV this morning and I could hear the menu sounds when I navigated on the menu.  However I could not get past the pink screen.

So I used the remote to force a reboot and the apple logo came up as expected, then when it flashed over to open the frontview menu (main atv menu) I got the pink screen again.  Once again i navigated around, i could hear the navigational sounds and was able to figure out how to get into Netflix.  Then I held the menu button till I guessed it would dump me into the menu again.  Once again able to click up and down and hear the navigational sounds again.  but keep in mind, this entire time I am only seeing a pink screen, nothing else.  The only way i know it's actually in the menu is I can audibly hear the nav sounds.

I had thought it might be the gfx chip but I can see the apple logo on boot, unless that is onboard cmos or something similar.

Here is the rub.  I jailbroke this with my macbook pro using seas0npass.  Now that mac died.  I have a PC laptop from work, but the mac that I used to jailbroke it is out of commision.  I did however backup my old user tree via rsync to my NAS, so I should be able to grab any files that it would need.

But I my kid is sick and wants to watch Frozen and I really am trying to get this back up and running.  Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Apologies in advance if I posted in the wrong forum.


Sounds like a bad HDMI cable! try another cable and all should be alright.

I've had this a couple of times and it was the cable not the Atv.

Good luck



It may seem pointless but unplug the device and leave for 5 minutes then plug it back in! This has cleared minor issues for me before so give it a try!


First thing I tried :-(