ATV2 Black version 1.6 missing included software for 5.0.2


Hi all, I jailed break my ATV2 which was updated to the latest 5.0.2, installed ATV Flash Black 1.6 and noticed I don't have all the included software like MiRow, CouchSurfer, Maintenance and so on... Upon reboot, I see all the big icons for Movies, TV Shows... including a big icon for Fc (Settings). I was able to install XBMC and other third party Add-ons using ssh from my Windows computer to ATV2. So I must be missing something that caused the missing included software from above. Has anyone encountered this and know how to fix it? Thanks in advanced.

Are you sure you ran the installer for aTV Flash successfully? If you did you should see Maintenance at least. If you do not re run the installer. Note that Seas0nPass is only the jailbreak tool and doesn’t include aTV Flash (just in case you didn’t know).

Thanks Matty. I thought I did the aTV flash but then after I reinstalled, the Maintenance appeared. So I must have missed that part. Thanks again,  :[