ATV2 Black & NTFS?

Hey everyone,


I know this might of been asked elsewhere, and I apologize ahead of time if so, but i’ve also been reveiwing mixed results of my question.


All I would like to know is that if my Apple TV 2 Black using XBMC as well, will be able to read/connect to a NTFS harddrive as a NAS?


I have it as a FAT32 right now and want to convert it throw cmd prompt to a NTFS in order to be able to add movies over 4GB.


Please let me know!


I can’t comment on XBMC but Media Player shares work with NTFS drives. I have a 2.5TB WD external drive formatted as NTFS and it works great.

If it is connected and shared through a PC then yes you will be able to access the files if the share is NTFS. 

Thank you for the reply. It isn’t connected through an actual PC but rather through a network attached storage on a netgear n600…

It doesn’t matter how it’s formatted. The only thing that matters for a nas is what protocol is availabe. Ie is samba (smb) or afp available. I principle, it should have at least samba as that is the standard for windows if I am not mistaken. If you can access it from your computer, then it should be accessible from e apple tv.

My point by saying what I did was to say that as long as it isn’t connected to the Apple TV as the Micro USB cannot be used for such task.