ATV2 Black keeps asking to be hooked up to USB


Having a problem with the ATV repeatedly asking to be hooked up to iTunes via USB after being powered down.  I jailbreak the ATV 2 (Black) using the tethered option while it’s hooked up to my MacMini via USB.  Once the whole process goes through, I test out the ATV on my computer monitor before unplugging it from power, and after it’s unplugged from USB, and everything works OK.  

I unplug the ATV and take it to my living room and hook it up to the TV.  It asks for the USB connection to iTunes.  I basically have to start all over.  Unfortunately I don’t have a laptop so I’m stuck moving my entire computer over to the main TV to get this going.  Can anyone offer suggestions on how to get this going?  I would hate to have to reload the entire jailbreak and ATV every time there was a power outage or something like that.  


Running ATV Firmware 4.4.4 and using the latest 1.1.1 ATV Flash.  Used the latest Seas0nPass, too. 


Sorry to say, but the 4.4.4 version of ATV firmware is a tethered jailbreak. This means that anytime it looses power or is rebooted it needs to be connected to the computer briefly to boot up. Note that this is not required for a normal sleep of the device.

If you need an untethered jailbreak, then you have to go with 4.3, or wait until an untethered version comes out for 4.4.4



There is your answer.

Great!  Thanks so much for the response.  I guess I was unclear on what tethered vs. untethered meant.  I just thought it meant you had to have to ATV hooked up (tethered) to jailbreak it, not to boot it up at all times.  Now I know!  

Another questions then:  If/when there is an untethered jailbreak for 4.4.4 (+), will I need to restore to defaults and re-jailbreak it so I don’t have to do the tethered thing?

Thanks for the help!