ATV2 ATV flash install from a mac?

Hi guys I have my new ATV2 and my ATV Flash, I got my blackberry cable to jailbreak the ATV@ and so I did it.

My problem now is that I can't connect the microusb cable and the hdmi cable at the same time to install my ATV Flash, there's another way to do this?

And I also have strange problem installing the ATv Flash to my pen drive such as "diskutil returned 1"


Any clue?

Basically I will just like to stream my avi movies etc from my lan network hard drive to my ATV2




Ok I've managed to format the usb but even if I put it in the ATV2 it starts without prompting the ATV Flash logo ;(

ATV Flash is currently only available for the earlier models of Apple TV. You’ll have to wait a little while for a version that works with the black Apple TV.

But I have to buy it again or my actual license is ok even for the new ATV2?

No. your licence will give the new one for free update for ATV2.

This is a post from ATVflash.




aTV Flash black will be available at no cost to all those with a valid aTV Flash license.

The official announcement and plans for transition can be seen here:




No Problem ... 8)