ATV2 as DLNA client?

I couldn’t find any specific information in the forums about this.  Are there any plans to allow aTV Flash Media Player to act as a DLNA client.  I use serviio as my DLNA server which streams to my TV with built in DLNA support.  It would be very convenient for my ATV2 to also use DLNA.  Also, serviio already fetches its own metadata and presents this along with the streamed file so could this metadata be used?  At present whenever I add a file to me media server I have to update the metadata in several places.

I second this feature. It would be so greate to have DlLNA support, so you could stream to aTV from other devices than iPhone/iPad. AirPlay is nice, but there are so many devices out there that only support DLNA.

I agree.

DLNA is THE standard for such media deliveries.  With all the added extra functionality FireCore has give to the ATV, I think this truely would be the icing on the cake.

Great work guys, keep it up!  :wink:

honestly I really expected a DLNA client feature in atv flash, as it is so common theses days. Given the decoding capabilities ATV already have this would be great addition.

DLNA DLNA DLNA!! Firecore, adding DLNA to the ATVFLASH system would be killer.  My subscription has ended, and I have no reason to renew since the current software its pretty good. I’m going to guess that this the same story for a lot of people, especially since ATV3 has proven un-jailbrake-able.  Adding DLNA would definitely be a feature a would pay for!

Thanks for your time reading this.


yes, please. A DLNA client in atv2 would be very appreciated.

Is DLNA meanwhile supported?

Greetz Chris