ATV2 and WD TV Live


Can someone please tell me if it is possible for Firecore mediaplayer (on my ATV2) to stream films from a a usb hard drive attached to a WD TV Live across my home network?

Alternatively, can the WD TV Live push video to the ATV2?

I am thinking of buying a WD TV Live for another room and i am hoping it will work as a crude NAS if you like.  Currently I have to switch my laptop on and stream files from that to my ATV2.



Barry I know this doesn’t answer your question but I actually bought an Apple TV 6 months after buying my WD TV Live. The WD TV Live sucks so much I just couldn’t stand it anymore! The software is extremely buggy and every new release just seems to make the matters worse. I tried everything: reflashing, downgrading, using alternative firmwares… all of them had issues. WD’s support (both their discussions forum and their email support) is useless, they kept telling me it’s my Mac’s fault, my intranet’s fault, my NAS fault (they even told me that if I had bought a WD NAS I wouldn’t have so many issues with the WD TV Live). I just gave up and bought the aTV. Guess what, I use the same router, NAS, computers but now everything works. Why don’t you get another aTV?

Having just bought a WDTV Live the day before the 1080p ATV was announced I’ve been able to compare it with my current ATV2. The 1080p is(was) nice on the WD but the UI is pretty poor. it won’t see anything on my Mac running Lion apart from reading the iTunes XML file and giving me a lot of gobbledeygook. it also doesn’t seem to allow me to compile a libray of all my media. you have to go to each device (I have a NAS, a Mac and a Time Capsule with content) separately each time and select the content you want to watch. The thumbnails etc don’t come up every time either. it’s also not able to read DVD folders as the ATV Flash Media Player does. I’m sending it back tomorrow and sitting in my hands until I succumb to the temptation of the 1080p ATV with ATV Flash Media Playr running on it…



I have the old WD TV Live Plus. I run a NAS set up where I have to separate external drives hooked up, each to a separate Airport Extreme. I have the AppleTV 2 in one room and the WD unit in another. Both units have access to the exact same drives.

WD has lost my business as they said that they would be providing a firmware update for the unit I have. They have failed miserably in producing the update now 3 months since they said they would. Blockbuster will not support that unit any longer after the 31st of March.

WD is out! Purchasing new ATV’s to replace it.

I actually have both and don’t even have my WDTV Live plugged in to a TV it just sits there with my hardrive plugged into it and the Apple TV2 with aTV Flash Black, can see it as an smb from the media section. Works great, it can even stream videos from the hard drive when the WDTV is off :slight_smile:

I have both.

The WDTV and the ATV2 both recognise my Netgear STORA (NAS drive).

The ATV2 seems to have problems with .divx files, but .avi files that are divx encoded seem to work well. I can’t say why though.

The ATV2 has a pretty fantastic GUI, whereas the WDTV is a little ordinary.

In saying this, what one can’t do, the other can.

Another WDTV positive is that you can copy files over the air to a USB flash drive plugged into…assuming it is plugged into your router.

If they both fail, I use Air Parrot and stream content from my MACBOOK to the ATV2 and I get whatever I want on the screen.

This is particularly good when streaming EURO 2012 soccer/football or AFL on the big screen.