ATV2 and network storage...

Today my old mac mini, used as network storage, has left me… forever… 
So i need to buy a new network storage to be used with my atv…

The question is, based on yours experiences, which is better beetween:

  • Time capsule, 2TB  (281€)
  • LaCie d2 Network 2, 2TB (260€)
  • WD MyBook Live (160€)

i need a very low noise device, always on, no troubles at all …  no problem for price… 


thnx all!

Hi marsspider,


last friday I purchased on Amazon a WD Mybook Live (2 TB). I hope to receive it tomorow. If you can wait a few days, I’ll give you my impressions. Hope this help you to take a decision.



I have a Time Capsule and I don’t believe you can use it as a NAS for hosting video files, I believe that it’s simply for Time Machine backups.  So I would stray away from that as an option, IMO.

I have Seagate GoFlexHome NAS 2TB and it’s works flawlessly with my ATV Flash Black they are pretty inexpensive and once set up I have had ZERO issues with it.  Read the setup, follow the instructions and you’re done.  Lots of people have complained about them but I (as with all my electronics) take my time during setup and actually read and make sure I follow instructions correctly so I have minimal issues in the long run.

Hope that helps.


I have been using a MyBook Live for about 9 months now and have not had any issues with it at all.   Its VERY quite…never heard a noise from it.   

Time Capsule works fine.

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I stumbled onto this via Search and thought additional information might help others.
I have to respectfully, but strongly disagree with Tim (tgriskus) above. The Apple Time Capsule works flawlessly with the AppleTV – they are both Apple products and made to work together. Regardless of whether you have a Mac or Windows-based network, it just works.