ATV2, AFP, no subfolders

Hello there.

I recently jailbroke and installed the software on my AppleTV 2.  No problems with either the jailbreak or the install - very happy to not have to do a tethered boot.

However, while it seems to have no problem finding my FreeNAS box's AFP service, it will connect and show me the three defined shares, and promptly tell me there is no media on the "Media" share.

This share is perfectly browsable on my Mac, and has over 2TB of video files that iTunes plays just fine using the same credentials.  They just happen to be arranged in the following scheme:

<share root>/Video/<letter of alphabet>/<show or movie name>/[season number]/file.m4v

So, for example:

<share root>/Video/W/The Wire/Season 1/01 - The Target.m4v


While this isn't the most graceful way to store video from the viewpoint of browsing a directory tree, it's much more organized (and way less of a pain in the ass) than a flat directory with 800 files in it.  And, quite honestly, iTunes doesn't care because it sorts and presents based on metadata.


Getting back to the point, I assume that your AFP browser can... erm... browse?  What could be causing this behavior?