atv2 6.0 story

aquired an ATV2 from a buddy after reading up on the JB process here, hoping i could open it up for what i needed…

unfortunately the unit had 6.0 firmware - i read a bunch of discussion  here on the process for this version and thanks to all of that and this post in particular i got the unit JB’d  to 5.3 (after a few tries) and have installed XBMC 12.2 - nice

However, i am still a bit unclear on the SHSH blob stuff… have used Tiny Umbrella w/mac and ifaith w/win7 pc - neither process could find any firmware sig’s to save.Is that the way it is with V 5.3? Or should i be finding something to save and just not getting it yet?  Do i need to actually save anything with this version? Like i say, i am not that familiar with the process…

thanks for any insight


You don’t have to save your blobs.

As long as you don’t update firmware using itunes or via the apple tv menu, you will be fine.


Unless apple stops signing 5.3 and he accidently updates.

Like I said, as long he doesn’t update then he will be fine. Accidentally or not.