Atv2. 6.0.2

I got Apple TV 2. Version 6.0.2 but when I try to enter DFU mode I keep getting the ‘Not Compatible’ message on Seas0n Pass

Plus I can’t get it to connect to the computer without the power lead being in all the time. Could this be the problem??


turn it over it sounds like you have model A1427 or A1469 which one is it?

Thanks for your quick reply

It’s the A1427, is this Jail-breakable? Unfortunately I updated it by mistake and is now on 6.0.2

I believe that model number means it is an ATV3 for which there is no current jailbreak.


yes, it’s a gen 3 so the op really can’t do anything with it unless he has an iphone, ipad, or ipod toucch and jb it and airplay his content to it