ATV2 5.3

so let me get this right: i updated my ATV2 by accident and now i have to wait for an unthetered jailbreak for 5.3? any timing for that?

Is there not anyway to get back to any older versions, no matter how old? like 4.x?

i hear so many things , i want to know for sure.

anyone from firecore can confirm or deny?

James only drops in once every few days so unlikely to get a fast official FireCore response!

I will be very surprised now if an untethered jailbreak for 5.3 ever appears.  If it is going to appear at all it tends to be very shortly after the tethered jailbreak.  I expect that the jailbreak community is now getting ready for 5.4 (which is iOS7 based), and will reserve any exploits they have found for that release.

In terms of old firmware releases, you can only install releases which are no longer being signed by Apple if you already have shsh blobs for that release on your device. 

ok, clear, i will have to wait.

for the older versions , i could then go back to lets say 4.3 or 4.2 unthetered, but will TVFlash 2.2 work?


thanks so far.