aTV2 5.3 Jailbreak and aTV Flash Network problem

Hi, I would like to ask U for help with my problem.
My aTV can not find network and doesn’t matter if by wifi or ethernet.
I think it was after storm with bloody thounders in neighbourhood and when the thounders starts to be quite huge and clouse to my house I decide to switch off all electronic stuff from power supply. I don’t know if up to this moment everything was OK with aTV - at evening everythinkg was OK, then I went to bad and during the night I switch off from power supply as I mentioned above.
Any way my Router was destroyed during the storm and I had to use a new one. Others electronics stuff connected to Router was workinng OK ( eg. blueray)
When I switch in aTV at morrning I found that aTV after switch in can’t set Network Time - the proccess progres ring was roll&roll over and over and I decide to quit and I found that on Dashboard Menu there are only icons of settings, infuse,, weather.
I tryied to do Network test - "Apple TV not connected to network "
I tryed to set Network data Manualy - IP, Router, submask, DNS but aTV don’t Want to be connected -doesan’t matter if on wire (ethearnet) or by wifi.
In Apple store settings I can’t see Country to set - generaly no countries ( just black list without any countries on the list.
I have also aTV3 and it has the same problem but reset to factory defauld setting was helpful and it works now.

What should I do with my aTV2 now - has anybody some idea?

PS sorry for my english - I ma from Europe and not quite good in it!