ATV2 5.2.1 - Downgrade without blobs

Ok, im the first to admit I am an idiot.  I had a fully functioning jailbroken ATV2 with 4.2 (I believe) on it and it was running fine for over a year.  Decided to update and, since I hadn’t had to do jailbreaking for a while and fell out of the loop, updated to 5.2.1 without saving any blobs.  Boo for me.

Here is my question.

I still have the .ipsw file that was created when I orginally jailbroke the ATV a while back (I have 4.2, 4.3, 4.4 still saved on there).  Is there any way I can use those to somehow save a blob and then re-install that old firmware in place?  Or a workaround to restore that old firmware?  I tried just restoring the old .ipsw onto the ATV but no luck but I may be doing it wrong, and I did update my itunes to the latest.

ANy thoughts, suggestions or redirects to existing posts that talk about this? 

Thanks in advance.

This question has been asked and answered so many times it’s insane.

If you or someone else has not saved shsh blobs then you can’t downgrade. Period.