Atv2 5.2.1 blobs howto jailbreak ?


I have ATv2 on 5.2.1

I have also 5.2.1 blobs

I tried seasonpass on mac and i was blocked after itunes 11.0.4 finishing extracting ipsw

Sn0wbrease latest is not eorking since don’t support 5.2.1

How can i use my devise blobs ?

We bought your software

We need your help


well, you have to wait until season pass is update for 5.2.1 because currently you can’t jailbreak that version because apple stopped signing that version. what ever you do, don’t update the unit to 5.3 because you will be left without anything for months if not forever



since apple stoped siging 5.2.1, can i start working with tethered 4.2.2 ?


yes, you can if you have the blobs saved buy only install xbmc because nothing else works

i have only 5.2.1 blobs


but they wrote that returning back to 4.2.2 can done with other devise blobs !! is it true ?


it can but it can also brick the unit


I think you mean release 4.4.2. in that case many have gone back to that and succeeded.

That is the ONLY one where you can use someone else’s blobs. Use the one’s provided in the link I gave.

Thank you

I will give it a try

I downgraded from 5.2.1 to tethered 4.4.2 with success

I installed atv flash which allowed me to add xbmc frodo 12.2 also

I saved this box until other gift from firecore

Thx guys