ATV2 5.02 ATV FLash chokes

I have an ATV2 with version 5.0.2  When I try to run ATV Flash (If I use the latest version of Seas0nPass, it tries to upgrade the firmware to 5.3 - nice try bwahahahah), it gives me the error message “Oops. It looks like your Apple TV has not yet been jailbroken”

Duh…That’s what I am tryig to do with ATV Flash…

What am I doing wrong?

you have to have a jailbroken system before you can install ATV Flash.

With SeasonPass if you shift-click (cmd-click on Mac) the Create IPSW button then you are allowed to select the version of firmware you want to use during the Jailbreak. If you have not already saved the shsh blobs you need to do this before trying the jailbreak.

OMG. I feel like a doof.  Stay tuned…


So I used the Right-Mouse Click to restore the firmware.  When it was done, I was presented with a seasonpass screen that had a non-tether icon on the right.


I recycled the power, and BLAM!  FireCore logo!  Ran ATV Flash and BLAM!  Maintenance Icon.  I’m good now. thanks!