ATV2 5.0 Options to get to 5.0.2?

What are my options with an ATV2 with 5.0 if I want an untethered JB? Can i upgrade to 5.0.2? Am I victim of the Apple signing problem?

  Your first move is to check to see if your ATV has any signatures saved from a previously untethered version. 

If not, your best option is to jailbreak in version 5.3 which has more native Apple TV options than Tethered version 5.0.

There is no option to convert to a 5.0.2 or any other UNTETHERED version without the saved signatures specific to your Apple TV.

Thanks for the help. I used iFaith to try to get signatures, I assume Blobs and signatures are the same thing. Please correct me if I am wrong. All that is on my unit is the 5.0 version. I did use iFaith to save my Blob so I can go back to this version later.

Rather than going to 5.3, can I just JB 5.0 as I don’t use any native ATV apps anyway. All I am trying to do is get something I can install XBMC on.


You could in theory jailbreak on 5.0.  However that is a tethered jailbreak, so you may want to jailbreak on the 5.3 release (which is also tethered) as there is more functionality in the base Apple firmware.

Thanks for the help. I decided to take your advice and do the 5.3 tethered boot route. I did save by blob with iFaith before upgrading firmware. Everything worked perfectly using Seas0nPass even though I am using Mavericks 10.9, and I now have a JBed ATV2. Onward to XBMC install.