ATV2 4.4.4: Do I update before running untethered 5.3 Seas0nPass?

I current have a jailbroken apple tv 2 running software 4.4.4. I’m getting the “accessing netflix error” and the solution I found was to do a factory reset and update. I found this guide to jailbreak:, but I’m not sure if I need to do the factory reset and update before running Seas0nPass or if Sea0nPass will do this for me. Thanks in advance for any help! 

No need to perform a factory reset before jailbreaking.  It’s only suggested to try the factory reset first if an error occurs while running Seasonpass.  Netflix only works on version 5.0 or newer so yes it’s one of the benefits of updating to 5.3  But you may want to consider saving your shsh blobs for version 4.4.4 in case you want to return to that version some day.