ATV1 Won't boot after install

I just installed FirecCore for ATV1, and install said successful, but caught in a constant loop. Only see apple logo, flashing on and off.

Occasionally I get the boot up movie with all the undulating screens, but then freezes, and restarts.HELP!!

Reflash (install) the patch again and if that doesn’t work, try remaking the flash stick and attempt another install…

Since my last entry, I’ve restored to factory defaults three times in attempts to get this to work.
I’v re-installed the patch , and also re-downloaded and installed the software on the stick…still with no success.


Does the ATV operate normally when you restore it to factory settings? And once its restored do you update it via software update function? I think you need to update it before you install the ATV Flash patch.

Hi Kroo. Yep. functions normally, and I update tot he current OS. At this point I wish they’f refund me. I’m in the market for a ATV2, but man it kills me the premium they’re going for right now. I also would need to get a HDMI to Component converter. 
If you or anyone else has further suggestions how to get my ATV1 working with Firecore, that would be great.


I would try again, with a different usb stick, reformatted. There is something not right there as your problem isn’t a typical one (meaning it doesn’t happen to everyone, otherwise this forum would be choked with people posting like you) Download the patch again and try everything as if you were doing it from new.

done that, but this time it boots up like normal ATV with the patch in place. doesn’t even launch the fire core icon as before. has my download expired?

@Kroo…it worked this time! Don’t think my ATV loves it (but it’s old). I love it. Can’t believe I can also cast pictures and music from the iPhone just like ATV2/3.

Sweet. Now to figure out how to run my NAS through it.




Good job. It always helps to go back to square one. Yeah, the ATV1 is pretty slow even without the flash patch, but it works (sort of). I think I might bite the bullet and get an ATV3. NAS works, but you need to be accurate with your settings. Follow the guide from firecore. Streaming on the ATV1 is pretty flaky as it uses an older Airport card and playback can be very choppy with high res movies and MKV files. Cheers.

Yeah…it’s pretty slow. 

Hey…you’re suggesting ATV3, but that hasn’t been broken yet, has it? I’d consider, since buying an ATV2 is super expensive these days.
Other prob for me is my AV unit is component video, and not HDMI, so I’d have to get a converter, and don’t know how well they work.