ATV1 and storing/playing movies from internal HD?


I have an old, 1st generation ATV that I use to take up to the cottage so my kids have something to watch on rainy days. Problem is, with the new version of iTunes, even though I have HD-SD versions of all the titles in my library (with DRM stripped), iTunes refused to transfer the titles to the ATV because it doesn’t support the 720p/1080p HD video in my library. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t fall back to the SD version of the video (which would have no problem playing on the ATV [tested and confirmed]).

So, I’m wondering if there’s any way, via aTV Flash, that I could manage videos on the internal HD (i.e. upload them/remove them to/from the ATV via FTP or AFP) on the ATV without using iTunes, and use the ATV to then access/play these videos? All the videos are SD, ATV compatible videos. I just can’t get them onto the ATV via iTunes anymore (you used to be able to tell iTunes to prefer SD versions of videos, but no longer an option in iTunes 11).

Any advice would be appreciated!


Yep. Full details on manually transerring content to the Apple TV can be found here.

Perfect! Thanks!