ATV won't respond to remote (mostly)

Hi there. Tried a search to see if anyone had this problem, but couldn’t find it.

Went to use my ATV this evening. Unit was already “on”, instead of being on standby as is usually the case.

Tried to use the remote. Box would flash the yellow light, but not respond to the remote commands.

Was able to reboot using the “menu and minus sign” sequence with the remote.

After rebooting, I can use the remote to select the proper screen resolution.

Ran the basic diagnostic, which said all is good.

After that, am able to choose the “restart” option.

The “welcome” video, if I can call it that, is extremely blocky with large pixellations and blurriness. (Don’t know if this is a related or separate issue, but thought I’d mention it.)

The primary “front row” screen appears with all the ATV menu options, but I’m back to square one. The remote won’t work. I just get the yellow flashing light on the box.

SO: remote works in the basic Apple TV section (startup, diagnostics, resolution selection), but won’t work in Frontrow.

Any and all help GREATLY appreciated.

PS: the unit is running Apple TV software 3.0.2 and ATV Flash 4.1.5. It was running fine for a few days after the most recent 4.1.5 update, so I’m at a bit of a loss…
PPS: I also tried a hard reboot by powering the ATV box down completely.

You may need to unpair the remote. More info here:

That did the trick! Thanks so much.