aTV won't display hardcoded subtitles



After I have updated Media Player to the newest version (0.8-144748) it won’t display hardcoded subtitles anymore. I find this very strange since the hardcoded subs, as the name suggests, should be “printed” on the movie.

When I play the movie on my Macbook Pro via VLC there isn’t any problems at all. I have tried two different movies with hardcoded subtitles but unfortunately with the same result. 

Do you have any suggestions to what I can do?

My Apple TV 2 is running on iOS 4.2.2 (as always)

What kind of files are they specifically? MP will support files with external .srt subtitle files, but MKV files with embedded subtitles are not yet supported.

It’s MKV files.

Before I updated MP I didn’t have any problems playing MKV files with embedded/hardcoded subs. Therefore I find it very odd that it doesn’t work anymore even though you say that it still isn’t possible. As noticed I haven’t experienced any problem until now.