aTV with Drobo (direct aTV USB connexion or via Airport Ext?

I have the aTV (1st gen 1.0, so AFP enabled if I am not mistaken)
My new Drobo will arrive this week. I am planning to put all my media library on it.

I was wondering what the pros/cons are to hook the drobo up to be used with the aTV through either of these options:

  • Connect the Drobo directly to the aTV via USB
  • Connect the Drobo to my Apple Airport Extreme USB port

Does it make any difference at all?
-Through the AAE, I would be using a shared drive over the network (1GB speed), so it would be like a streaming connexion
-The Drobo would however be accessible to my whole network

Any thoughts?

I also upgraded the aTV internal HD to a 250GB one. It’s convinient overall but a real pain when you want to upgrade to the latest aTV flash version since you’re starting off with a fresh install each time.