ATV with 2.1 and ATVFlash 3.5 black screen if idle.

I just recently upgrade to ATVflash 3.5 with appleTV at 2.1
The problem I am experiencing is the blackout if it sit idle for a period of time.
I have screen saver turned off. It is time out go blank.
Once I wake it up with the remote, I can only hear the click sounds but no video.
To recover at this point, I need to cycle power.

I am have my appleTV hook up to the LCD vs HDMI at 1080P output.

Do I need to upgrade my appleTV firmware? From all of the forum I read, it is best to stay at appleTV 2.1 right?

aTV Flash is not really made for Apple TV 2.1, it is made to work with Apple TV 2.3.1. So you have two choices, update to Apple TV 2.3.1 or if you happen to still have the old aTV Flash version still then you can restore back to 2.1 and repatch with the older version. I exactly sure what the specifics are as far as Apple TV 2.1 with aTV Flash 3.5, so you might have to wait for aTV Flash to respond about that.