aTV will not recognise my external hd


i have recently jailbroken my apple tv (black) and installed aTV flash and almost everything works fine. it can see my shared folders, stream content from my computer, see my time capsule BUT i have two issues:

1. It will not recognise my external hd. it is a western digital 320 GB that is fat32 formatted. when attached to my time capsule as nas i can see it fine from my computer but regardless of whether it is attached to my computer or the time capsule i cannot see it on the apple tv. any ideas? i cant really see anything like it on the forums and i have no clue what to try…

2. as i said before the atv can see my computer fine but there is one issue, it shows every folder on my hard drive! not just the folders i have shared, it does this for both my macs. it is not a deal breaker but not ideal. i don’t understand why as i quite clearly only have shared 1 folder in my system preferences…


any help would be much appreciated. thank you very much


Are you streaming via AFP or SMB from your Time Capsule? FAT32 formatted drives will need to be streamed via SMB.

Which username/password are you using on the AppleTV? If using admin login details you will see all files, not just the shared files.

Hi James thanks for your quick reply. I’ve sorted the files, thanks! I was using admin credentials. As for the hd I was trying AFP, I tried SMB but couldn’t make it work. Can u point me to a guide of some sort that can assist me? I have looked but to no avail.

Thanks again

UPDATE: i’ve got it to work!! tanks for your guidance!!!

Chris :slight_smile: