ATV will no longer boot up

I have been using ATV version 2.4 with ATV Flash 3.6.4 - I set my ATV to External HDD for storage. The External HDD then crashed and lost all of my data. Since the External HDD has been lost, I have not been able to get my ATV to boot up. I am assuming this is because I had it set to external - does anyone know if there is a way to reset the ATV either back to defaults or change the setting from external to internal?

The ATV doesn’t complete the boot up so I cannot access it from iTunes, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Basically it just starts up and stops at the black screen with silver apple

The AppleTV can be reset to factory settings by performing a ‘Factory Restore’ through the Recovery menu.

To access the recovery menu, hold the minus (-) and menu buttons for about 6 seconds until the AppleTV restarts.