atv upgrade

Hi there,


I’ve had ATV working about 3 months ago. Yesterday I noticed there was an upgrade in the Apple menu.



I did upgrade and now the black device constantly reboots and flashes a white light, with the Apple logo on the TV. Where do I start again?


I’ve honestly been searching for “hard reset” but couldn’t find how to do it. I did try unplugging it and the down and menu trick to no avail.



Hoping you can help. Thanks,

Had you jailbroken your ATV2?    The upgrade is incompatible with the jailbreak.

There are basically two options you have available:

  • Repeat the jailbreak with the current SeasonPass.  This will reset the firmware to the 4.3 version but you will still be jailbroken.  It is not clear how much longer Apple will continue to sign 4.3 firmware so that this option remains available.

  • Get the ATV2 into DFU mode (as though you were about to jailbreak it) and then let iTunes Restore to the latest 4.4 firmware.  In this case if you want to jailbreak the system and still be on 4.4 firmware you will have to wait until SeasonPass is updated to support jailbreaking the 4.4 firmware and there is no definite ETA for that.


Yes I’ve done so several months ago.


Where can I find the authorative guide to get the device into DFU mode? Many thanks,

I am not sure there is one.   Normally it is just a case of plugging it in via the Micro USB cable and then using the Menu+Play buttons.  The basic process is documented as part of using SeasonPass.   One thing I have found is that some people seem to need the power cable plugged in while trying to get into DFU mode despite the instructions saying it is not required.  However one needs to make sure that the power cable is not plugged in while doing the restore in iTunes as that would cause it to fail. If you are running on Windows then I would recommend the ireb 4 program as one that helps you do the correct thiings to get into DFU mode and also tells you when you have succeeded.   If you are on a Mac I am not sure if there is an equivalent.