Atv TVOS | Custom Fanart [examples]

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Do we know if these will work in Infuse if plugged into Plex?
They do look great either way so thanks for your efforts.

Yes. Im using it with plex and everything is fine.

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Excellent. Thanks.

I’ve started to now add the network logo to the fanart that I’m making for my own collection.

If you like them and you want to use them, I’ll be uploading them to this google share, so that you can drag and drop them into your folders.

Some of the season posters are not my own work, but are the best sets that I have found. But most of them are my own.


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Thanks @yatesfox. Good Stuff. Appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks. Could you please also create a versions without network logo i newer stuff which are not posted here but only in google drive?

Yeah, no probs. I’ve uploaded all the ones I’ve done so far, without Network logos, into folder. I do plan to keep adding more I I get around to doing them…

I wish we could replace the simple white title with just the logo, both in TV shows and films.

Oh, so do I. But I got tired of waiting so I’ve taken action with the only way I can get it to show them. :sunglasses:

@yatesfox these are some outstanding pieces. Thanks for taking the time to share with everyone. A big plus is having the choice of with or without network. Since so many shows seem to “drift” among networks that makes it easy.

Just an opinion from an old set of eyes, while many shows would look good with the logo replacing the plain white letters on the interface many are darn near unreadable for eyes with a few miles on them. We always come back to “let’s make it an option” and while it’d be great, I think we’re rapidly approaching the need for a companion app just for Infuse options :rofl:

Thanks again! :+1:

@NC_Bullseye yeah, but… first Infuse would have to have the TV Show name showing on the page for these to be rendered useless. Which at the moment I’m pretty sure it doesn’t. :rofl:

I’ve made the logos sizable enough that they are very readable, but I’ll be honest, my smallest TV is 45" and the biggest is 65" - and they look great to me. I’m only sharing them in case others like them too. :grin:

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I think I misunderstood, I was thinking about the library and favorite screens where they have the show or movie name below the poster. That’s where I thought it was being suggested to use the show logo. My bad.

Yes, on the fanart it’s super!

Yeah, and to be fair the only downside to these is that they are used in those areas too, but I don’t think they look too bad even at the small sizes they display at - but I agree the titles do then look too small. :slight_smile:

Pretty cool! Thanks for putting these together.

FYI, we are planning to implement series logos in an upcoming version, but having curated artwork to go along with this could be a good option as well.

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Thank you for the kind words, James. Much appreciated.

I’ve been further tweaking (well, because I can’t stop myself :rofl:) and reduced the Network logos by around 65% and I feel they sit a lot nicer now. I’m going to update my GDrive tomorrow with the newer versions to reflect the changes and continue to add more as I make them.

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Thanks for adding to the collection! Do you take requests? In that case, can I be so bold as to ask for Mad Men and Halt and Catch Fire?

Not yet, sorry. I’m still working thourhg all of the shows I have. But will look to do some after I’m done. Not even sure how long that will be though…

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@Kitab I found some time today and uploaded them for you.


A million thanks, very kind of you!