Atv stoped booting and won't jailbreak


I just got my ATV2 yesterday and applied seasonpass no problem.
Then I tries to install a server app (not sure on the exact name now) and it locked up.
I tried to tether boot many many times and no luck. It just keeps shutting off. (I think, my tv just looses signal from the HDMI )
So I tried the seasonpass it again and iTunes just keeps giving me an unknown error 1600.
I tried many USB cables as well as rebuilt the ipsw file many times over. I delegated the files and folder seasonpass makes and tried again a few times.

If I restore using the apple firmware am I out of luck for jailbreak?
The tutorial I followed provided the files and I had to use shift to select the file in seasonpass. Can I just let seasonpass download the files needed?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

So no one knows if restoring it with the official fw will prevent me from jail breaking it after?