ATV smb disconnects after inactivity, doesnt reconnect until Reboot of ATV

Hi there!

I Have been using ATVflash for a few months and love it. I recently upgraded the "maintenance" and "Nito TV" plugins. Now my Apple TV drops the connection to my SMB share after a period of inactivity "Network Mount Failed! mount_smbfs: could not find mount point/mnt/Scratch/Volumes/Movies: Socket is not connected". The only way i can get it to connect to my network share is to reboot the apple TV (unplug then plug it back in). This was never and issue before the upgrade. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the great work Fire Core! You have made this apple TV a useful and integral part of my entertainment system!

Is the device you're attempting to stream from being put to sleep or shut off at any point?

Nope. Dedicated SMB NAS  that is always running.

 Did you have any luck with solving this? We have an installation of 19 hacked AppleTVs in 1 residence and we are getting quite a few "socket is not connected" errors running to an always-on Thecus N8800Pro NAS.

Luckily a reboot of the ATV is easy in the terminal via SSH (as part of the ATVFlash package) but it still very frustrating...


Are the affected AppleTVs connected via a wired or wireless connection? There have been reports of some AppleTVs (with and without aTV Flash installed) dropping wireless connections from time to time.

All the ATVs are wired, running through managed switches.

Same problem here. Any help would be kindly appreciated.


Same problem here.

DroboFS share mounted as smb (no authentication required).

Everything worked fine. But the next day I get the “socket error” and it won’t mount the DroboFS share.

FYI, DroboFS is always on.