aTV Slow to boot with External USB drive

Hi all

Very much in love with my aTV - Flashed.

One issue i would like t resolve is - if i need to reboot the aTV, it can take up to 5 minutes to boot up. To reduce this i can remove the USB drive [Powered 1TB WD - Formated FAT32] however this needs to work for the wife and kids.

The USB is clearly the issue BUT i wanted to understand is there an easy way to speed up the boot process. Is aTV trying to index the content of the box and why does it need to do it every time.
Is the drive being Fat32 the issue? I want to share this drive with a windows PC also so wanted to stick with Fat32 or if it was supported, NTFS - Better!

I can see also sometimes when navigating the USB drive from the aTV [i.e. in Files or NitoTV] - the menu can lag behind my navigation like its still reading from the drive.

Any ideas welcome else the aTV with aTV Flash is near perfect.

BTW - will it slow things down to add a second 1TB drive to the aTV with a USB hub?


Just as an update to assist others… I formatted another 1.5T drive as Mac OS Extended - copied over a 1T of data… plugged it in and WOW… all problems gone SO… FAT32 only as a last resort as it is much slower than Mac formatted drives

I also used MacDrive on a windows PC because I needed my MBP… for work stuff [1T takes a long while to copy] and MacDrive is great!

The reason I wanted to use FAT32 was becuase some other media players i have can only read Fat32 as most of my mates don’t have Mac OSX systems.

I hope this helps…



Fat32 is supposed to work alright. Usually problems come in then you use NTFS as the Mac does not read NTFS without special software. Glad to hear you were able to fix the problems even though it seems like it took a while. :smiley: