ATV Slow and unresponsive.

Since the last update my ATV is slow and unresponsive, especially the NITO TV function. I have also noticed that my movies are sticking and freezing. Should I do a new install of the last update? I do not want to lose anythinga s I have over 200 movies on there.

All in all I am not very impressed with the ATV Flash software and do not think I will be renewing after the year is up.

I find this happens with mine as well, especially with NitoTV. In fact, I have pretty much given up on this aspect of the program in favour of ATVFiles. I agree though, it is disappointing.

I agree as well. When I try to launch a movie, sometimes it launches, sometimes it launches with sound and no picture and almost always it sticks showing the screen “Resume Movie” or “Start from Beginning” and I cant get by it. Then it crashes and reboots. There is an obvious bug in NitoTV. The same sort of things happen when using sapphire. The last time I tried, I couldnt even get the movie to play through sapphire. I tried factory restoring my Apple TV to 1.0, upgrading to 3.2 and reinstalling flash only to have the same issues. :cry:

Same here - It was sloooowww, especially with NitoTV before, but now, the movies stop every 10 min for 30s or so and the menus are veeerrrrryyyy sluuuggggiiisshhhh.

This needs to be fixed it makes the flash rather unusable.

Still no fix for this issue?

I think that the developer team is aware of the issue which is connected to the minimal RAM the aTV has. But maybe there is a way to zap the RAM to bring the speed back up after finishing a movie?

Any thoughts?

To help troubleshoot your issue can you double-check the AppleTV and aTV Flash version your currently have installed?

The AppleTV version can be seen in Settings > General > About.

The aTV Flash version can be seen in Maintenance > About.

Same problem here. NitoTV starts to stick (slight lag in video every few seconds) and the menus get maddeningly slow. Rebooting aTV or Finder in nitoTV>setting>utilities fixes it but then after using nito is slows down again. I use nito primarily, so I’ll try using the other programs to see if it is indeed a problem with nito.

Updates were done last week, then the problems started.
aTV Software Version 2.4
aTV Flash version 3.6.4

If you view the Maintenance > Manage Plugins menu, does ‘Update’ appear next to the AirControl item? If so, select this option to download the latest version.

The current AirControl version resolves some memory management issues that were affecting some users in the previous version.