ATV remote to adjust volume of digital out sound

ATV is using a fixed volume on the digital out. This signal is sent via hdmi through my tv over toslink to my surround system. This means that I need my surround system remote to adjust volume. It would improve life if I could do it all using the ATV remote…
Can infuse take control of the sound signal?
My old, and since longtime retired, Boxeebox managed to control the digital out…

Infuse may not do what you want but the ATV has the ability to train the Siri remote to control the volume on your surround sound system receiver.

Thanks, unfourtunatly my surround system has radio frequency remote, a Bose system. That is neatly tucked away out of sight.

Does your receiver support CEC? If it does you should be able to get where you want to be with a few settings. There are so many variables based on the combinations of receivers, remotes, TVs, and add on that it’s almost impossible to give exact instructions without knowing details about all components.

Do any of the other devices connected to your receiver via HDMI control the receiver volume with that devices remote instead of the receivers remote?