ATV rebooting when logging into network volume w/ NitoTV

Maybe this is a NitoTV issue, but I thought I’d ask here - every time I try to login to a network volume from ATV using NitoTV, right after I enter my password, I get the Apple logo and then I’m returned to the menu. I’m using version 3.0, installed w/ Leopard, complete installation was successful - just this weird login problem. There are four systems in my house I can login to, and I have the same issue with all of them. We’re an all-AirPort house, FYI.

Any thoughts on what’s up? Thanks!

I Have the same issues :evil: :evil: :evil:

Take a look at:

So it won’t run on 2.02??

It will run with the latest software (currently 2.0.2). However, if you are trying to mount an AFP share, that will not be possible unless you have a 1.0 recovery partition. The 1.0 software was the only version that contained the AFP files necessary to mount AFP shares. These files can be utilized to work with the 2.0.2 software.

We would like to include them in our install package, but we cannot legally distribute them due to licensing restrictions.