ATV rebooting when installing addons with NitoTV

Hi all

Ive just updated my ATV 2 to Flash 2.2 and Apple TV 5.2 (Latest builds)

When I install the ATV Flash “Media Player”, any subsequent attempts to install NitoTv addons cause the ATV to reboot (dont get the installing box).

I thought that maybe I did not have a clean Jailbreak and Flash install so decided to flatten the ATV and try again but get the same outcome.

As soon as I uninstall “Media Player” the ATV appears to let me install any addons in NitoTV.

Also under the “Other (3rd Party)” heading in maintenance, all I get is “AirControl (beta)” and “nitoTV”


Apologies if I am being thick, this is my first time using ATV Flash




Most add-ons (e.g. XBMC, Remote HD) will need updating before they can work withy the 5.2 firmware.   This is the reason they are no longer being offered in the ATV Flash Maintenance menu.  


When they have been updated for the 5.2 firmware I expect that FireCore will release an update to the maintenance app to support installing them again.

Thanks for that, found the release notes and spotted the bit about XBMC and other apps not yet being compatible!

I was also having a problem setting up AFP and SMB shares, they kept failing. I decided to revert back to 4.4.4 for the time being and am all set up now. :slight_smile: