aTV randomly restarting....

I’ve just noticed this today, for some reason after 10 mins of streaming content/itunes my aTV will just restart. I’ve never seen this before…it kind of seem to have started after i installed overflow, but im pretty sure that cant be the problem… any suggestions ?

Have you disabled notification of Apple updates? If not you will get these symptoms since new firmware from Apple became available earlier this week.

i’ve disabled the updates via the manage extras page and the nitoTV settings.

Just to be clear - after 10mins of video the screen would go black and then jump back to the main menu.

Same here, I also have been getting these damn random reboots…Installed exactly like it says here, got Apple’s update + Screen saver turned off. Anyone got a bright idea?

i think i found a temp fix…well at least its working for me. The problem i had was w/ media playing a video and then restarting.


  1. updated media player to.7

  2. uninstalled all 3rd party apps

3.restart lowtide

  1. pulled the aTV into a different outlet.


and it worked ! i watched Xmen2 the entire movie (streaming) w/ out and restarts !!!

We’re looking into a few related issues. So far we’ve found correlation between older AppleTV software versions, and potentially the Plex plugin.

If you haven’t already, please submit a bug report as described in the link below so we can track down these issues as quickly as possible.


I don’t have the Plex installed…And following your link, where do I open a ticket? The link just takes me to the main page of the forum.

Strange!   When I click on the link I get taken to a post by James on how to open and submit a bug report.

Of course, I meant after James’s post, clicking on the “here” that’s supposed to link to open a ticket…This is the link: Firecore Support

Just use the Submit a Request menu item.   


Oh, OK - cheers!