ATV pro 6 to 7

Simple question. I current have the infuse 6 pro app downloaded on my ATV. I’ve installed version 7. Since I purchased pro how do I activate or unlock pro inside 7? Tried restore option but doesn’t work.

You may want to read this post and those that follow. It may help.

Just read it. Thanks. Not sure I agree with this however as it seems like in this case there’s not even a discount for us pro users to use v7. In my case I like supporting the devs on this so when 6 did come out I bought a new pro version even though I could’ve upgraded my 5 pro version to 6. $75 is steep and some kind of discount should be offered to us pro 6 users that bought the app.

You can receive a free year of Pro in v7 when upgrading from Infuse Pro 6.

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Thanks James, just saw this year trial and will likely be the option I pick. I would’ve rather seen maybe 25% off the lifetime version upgrading from v6 pro though. Great work as always with Infuse and I always appreciate the prompt support platform and great app.

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