ATV Playback OSD- Finish and Current Time

Hi Infuse Dev team,

Firstly, many thanks for this ATV App. In my opinion it is leagues ahead of any other option with providing a JellyFin front-end. Subscribed to it after taking it for a spin.

I’m just curious if it would be possible to add the below to the player OSD when say pausing and seeking the playback:

  • Current Time
  • Finishing Time

For example, something like what is shown in the JellyFin Android App:

Thank you

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While watching a video, tap once to see the timeline and tap again to see current/finish time!


umm- I had a feeling I may be doing something stupid here.

Might be because I wasn’t using the ATV remote, haven’t bound all the keys to the Harmony yet. I’ll go test.

@bigbadrabbit to confirm, should that logic be working on the ATV? I’m trying it on this end and all I can see is the total elapsed time of the video and the time left until it ends.

I’m looking for the current time of the day, and the time of the day the video will finish.

Yes. It works on ATV with all Siri remotes that way. Tap once to bring up the timeline and while visible tap a second time and it’ll switch to current/end time.


Thanks @bigbadrabbit - finally got it. Looks like the Siri remote won’t be getting retired alongside the harmony 650.

Appreciate your help.

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Huh. That’s cool!

Bummer it’s not supported on either my Harmony or my iPhone’s AppleTV remote, and the setting reverts back to the normal elapsed time display whenever you return.

Guess I’ll have to stick with holding the home button to bring up the clock and calendar (and Sleep command) and do the math myself.

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