ATV out of memory message

Hi all,

Just installed newest version of aTV Flash on my 40gb Apple TV.
Got it working with an ext. HD as primary storage, but there are still room for improvement.

• I get an “Out of memory” error message sometimes, encouraging me to shut down programs. This happened while listening to music from the iTunes lib. (No other programs started as far as I know).
• It sometimes freezes or creates errors forcing me to reboot.
• Also, I can’t set the ATV into standby mode, I hear the sound when I click the remote, but nothing happens.

Anyone else experienced something like this? Is my ATV to old (One of the first ones on the market I think).
Can I free up memory somehow by deleting or turning stuff off?

appreciate your help!


What applications do you have installed? Is Boxee or XBMC running in the background?

Boxee and XMBC are installed (as part of the ATV Flash installation) but not started.
I followed the install instructions, ran the smart installer and activated some of the plug ins in “Maintenance”. And installed Firefox - nothings else…

The OOM message pops up every now and then. An example is:
• I unplug the ATV.
• Plug it back in and start it up.
• When starting e.g. XMBC the message appears.

It also happened while just playing music through apple’s standard interface after a fresh restart (music lib. has about 15000 songs).

What happens after the message varies. Sometimes I can proceed with what I’m doing, sometimes it stalls, and sometimes it reboots.