aTV on iPod, possible?

So jailbreaking fails for AppleTV, both because apparently it is harder than on iPod/iPhone/iPad and because the platform has fewer users so not enough jailbreak interest. So why continue to use an AppleTV? Perhaps a suitable alternative exists.

The iPod (& iPhone & iPad) can output via hdmi using an adapter. There are infrared to bluetooth converters so an AppleTV remote can be used. Find an old, second-hand or even new iPod with these small hardware additions and it can function as an AppleTV while having the advantage of being part of the big jailbreak community of all iOS platforms.

Leaves the software. Can aTV Flash run on an iPod just as it can on an AppleTV? If not, are major changes required? (I like aTV Flash Media Player more than XBMC)

It may be interesting for FireCore to do something alternative since their market is shrinking because aTV Flash only runs on old hardware. Running on another iOS device is quite obvious but Google didn’t give me much results on it (which may be my bad Google foo so correct me if I’m wrong).

Any idea on feasability on this?