ATv not strong enough to play " m2ts " files ?

Hello all ,

It seems that m2ts files are not supported by ATV ,I copied a m2ts file ( 8.3 GB )on my ATV and it is not displayed in NITO TV’s file list … I have VLC installed , it plays that kind of files , xbmc media center also , but image is freezing constantly or it cannot be displayed in full screen size for xbmc …
So I think Apple TV is not powerful enough to play HD video files , on my iMac ( Core 2 duo , 1 GB Ram ) also it freezes regularly … The only way to watch this file is to convert it to an appropriate format …
Does anyone have another solution ?

Thank you .


CrystalHD and XBMC will do it.

CrystalHD requires the addition of Broadcom Crystal HD card. I'm assuming this is somehow added to the Apple TV's innards?  Are there any resources online showing how to add it?

Its really quite simple.. remove the wifi card & install the broadcom Crystal HD card. Then just enable the add-on for Crystal HD & XBMC/Boxee