ATV not seeing Shuffle flash drive

I’m trying to apply the new version 3.5.5 and have successfully applied it to my Ipod shuffle but the ATV just reboots as normal with the shuffle plugged in and does not start the install procedure.
I do recall the first time round a couple of months back on first install i had the same problem and there was a FAQ for this problem but i cant find it now.

I have the same issue. Thought it was the USB drive I was using, so I went out and bought a new one from the “approved” list of USB drives.

The ATV does nothing when booted with the flash drive in place. I thought it was going to do something, as the splash screen actually was moving slowly and appeared to be under some weird influence. Nothing in the menus was changed. I noticed that the previews/trailers of movies kept stopping and re-downloading the feed…

Alas, nothing happened. This 3.5.5 version for windows does NOT work.

I’m petrified that this release is going to screw up my ATV from all the bad posts I’ve read here. And I paid for lifetime renewals???

Fellas, any suggestions?

Hello All,

I purchased the aTV Flash for MAC last night. I followed the instructions (PDF) to a T. And no matter which USB thumb drive I use, I’m still having the same issue when I try to install aTV…

The issue is: The aTV logo appears (at the bottom of the logo I see the words Loading….) for a split second then the Apple TV continues to boot normally. aTV is not installing its self.

Any idea what I did or doing wrong?

Apple TV software version: 2.3.1

the only way for me to get it to work was to unplug the atv and attach the usb jump drive that was 2gb or less and then plug atv back in. worked for me. now getting nito to work that is another story.



From what I understand you load your flash drive with the atvflash programs.

Turn off the Apple TV (unplug it) and put the flash drive into the ATV. Plug it back in.

You will see the words flashing across the screen and “tux” the penguin.

When the files are copied you get a message saying that it was installed successfully and you can remove the drive, or words to that effect. Unplug it, remove the flash drive and plug it back in.

It will boot twice so don’t be alarmed, it is normal.

Once it is booted up you need to install software that ATVFlash put on your system. Go to “nitoTV—>Settings—>Install Software—>Smart Installer.” When you do that you are almost done. You need to reboot your AppleTV and you can start using your Apple TV. Now just put some movies on there and sit back and enjoy.

Hope this helps.