ATV not booting anymore.


i´m here for the first time. Last week i “updatet” my ATV with flash and works fine for me. Using Win XP

Yesterday i try to use the external USB for primary. First the USB Drive wasn´t found by ATV. After formatting with MAC OS the attached USB (1,5 TB) was found. Started the process to copy data and use the external USB Disk as primary. I think all my files has been copied. But after booting the ATV stopps while showing the silver apple-logo.

I think because an USB - Storage is connected while booting the ATV wants to boot from the extrenal USB? i am right?

however, what has to be done that my external USB - Drive is working fine and doenst stopp booting the ATV!

Would be nice to get some help!

Best Stefan

I’ve hading the same problem. Did you fix it? If yes, tell me how 'cause I’m very bored:-(
Thank you